2 Minutes or Less by Lynn Reding
Make your life a little more manageable - 2 minutes at a time!

This book could be the inspiration you need to establish a simple, yet life changing habit that will give you and your family the freedom to be able to do more of what you really enjoy. Lynn Reding brings her years of experience as a professional organizer to you as she inspires you with simple ways you can more easily manage your time and spaces. Follow the simple principles in 2 Minutes Or Less and you WILL reduce your stress. Many of her clients say that this approach has changed their lives by helping them get their smallest tasks done immediately and painlessly. You’ll find proven ideas and practical tips for your home, office, and life that will motivate you to find better ways to stay on top of the small tasks that so often get in the way of your important projects. Simplify your life when you learn to:

• Make the most out of even a few seconds

• Use simple technology to your advantage

• Apply Lynn’s “clean as you go” principle  

The rewards to you and your family can be immediate, transforming, and permanent.

Stay tuned for my next book.  It will address the difficulties we face as we age when it comes to the downsizing of possessions and planning well for our golden years.  I will share personal experiences and stories from clients and friends and how it affects the families of the aging.  

“Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could only do a little.”

– Edmund Burke



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