During the Covid-19 pandemic, the OWL team is doing their part to keep our families and yours safe.  We do this by staying home.  However, when we do need to go out, we wear personal protective equipment i.e. masks, gloves, and we disinfect surfaces.   

We are finding some clients value our services so highly that they bring us in to do jobs they cannot do on their own.  Packing, unpacking, and garages are just a few of the services we can provide during this time.  We practice social distancing in every situation.  

A little organizing during self isolation adds

up to B.I.G. results AND keeps the blues away!

Here is what you can do on your own:

Day 1

Choose a space

Set up supplies

Set a timer - keeps you focused

15 -  30 minutes

Donate*, put away, throw away, etc.

Day 2, etc. – Repeat until your spaces are clutter-free. 

Contact the Wise OWL team for more ideas! 

Don’t forget to get the family involved!  *Unfortunately, you may need to hang on to your donations as many locations are temporarily closed. 



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