Plan Wisely...Prepare Early! 
Inspiration and resources to help make downsizing a regular activity so we don’t accumulate more than we can manage!

One of the biggest struggles in life is figuring out what to do with all the things we've accumulated over the years. What do you do with the items you inherited, gifts you received, clothes you no longer wear, collection of obsolete electronic equipment, extra furniture pieces, and even that huge stack of old family VHS tapes full of memories that you want converted into an updated format that you can enjoy? 


Here are some resource links to help you make sure you don't hang on to things longer than you should.  Whether you want a little cash for your items or want to dispose of them in a responsible and benevolent way, your unneeded items can help others.  

One of the most stressful situations I encounter is when children are left with the task of going through their elderly parents belongings.  Sometimes it's after they've passed or because they just waited too late and cannot do it for themselves.  Show your family how much you love them by making your own decisions about your life, finances, estate, and belongings while you are still able.  There will be much less grief and stress for them when you leave your house in order.

I have also included services and products that could help make your life less stressed and fill you with the peace your soul desires! 

Disclaimer....Organizing With Lynn suggests these resources which could be helpful for maintaining control of your life and your belongings.  We assume no responsibility for any individual's experience with any of these resources.  This is by no means a conclusive list...there are many other valuable for-profit and non-profits where people can donate, sell, or consign items they no longer need.  Feel free to share your favorites with Lynn. 


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