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My organizing skills proved invaluable as I helped sellers prepare their homes to sell and get ready to move. One client, an elderly woman, was overwhelmed with the task of downsizing and her family wasn’t available to assist. I worked with her, sorting her belongings so she took what she needed and had room for in her smaller retirement home.   This relieved a lot of the distress of packing and moving for her and she told others how valuable my services were.  I started getting opportunities to help others get ready to move as well as unpack after their move.  This service became invaluable to clients.  I began getting invitations to speak to groups on de-cluttering, downsizing, organizing, and time management. I kept hearing how the “2-minute rule” had changed people's lives. It was time to write a book!  I wrote "2 Minutes or Less" to inspire people to stop procrastinating their easiest tasks. I am planning to write another book titled, "LIVE More With Less" because every day we see the problems excess accumulation causes in our homes and work places.  

The need for our services has grown exponentially as individuals, businesses, and organizations feel the urgency to let go of things they are no longer using.  My team is growing to meet the needs.  Tracie Floyd has 25 years experience in interior design and she brings her skills to the team when staging and decorating is needed.  

My husband Danny and I have been blessed with 40 years of marriage. He is the Associate Pastor of Worship Ministries at our church.  He is also a personal and professional development coach.  We have two children: Brian is a professional musician and teacher. Our daughter Laura and her husband Jon gave us 2 grandchildren, Ada Lyn and Charlie – the light of our lives.

I enjoy singing, reading, hiking, and crafts.  But I absolutely LOVE helping people simplify their lives by organizing their spaces for maximum efficiency. 

Whether you have a small job, an entire home to relocate, or a business to organize, my team can handle

it all.  

I had a career in real estate while my children were growing up so there wasn’t much time for housework. I began developing ways to make my home practically clean itself.  I discovered the key was to reduce clutter.  I became selective about what I allowed into our spaces, and I made sure we did not keep things too long.  Following a simple 2 minute rule became a habit for my family.  If we could complete a task in 2 minutes or less, we did it immediately.  We stopped procrastinating our easiest tasks! 



Winner of the 2017, 2018,

and 2019 
NWA Democrat-Gazette

Readers Choice Award for

Best Professional Organizer

in Northwest Arkansas


"When we needed to downsize our home, we found Lynn. Her calm demeanor, patience, organizational skills and experience was so helpful to us. We had family treasures from 55 years of marriage, two careers, and travels so her help was a very big positive. You can depend on her and trust her."
Dr Morriss Henry and Ann Henry - Fayetteville

"We had less that 3 months to downsize from a 2700 square foot house we'd been in for over 30 years to a 1020 square foot apartment in a retirement community. Lynn's calm demeanor saved our sanity. At the same time her encouragement and planning opened the door for us to make hard decisions about the items that were hardest to part with. She did what we needed. Sometimes we didn't know what we needed and she took us through steps to get us where we needed to be. She came to our apartment to help with organizational decisions. Her help made difficult tasks doable! We're forever grateful!"
Susan Riggs, Instructor Emerita
Charles Riggs, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus, University of Arkansas

"I recently was faced with the closing of my Aunt’s home due to her passing.  The work was quite overwhelming because my Aunt had many possessions and I lived out of state.  Lynn Reding and her team came to my rescue.  She helped me organize items to be donated and sold.  She helped me find an auctioneer to sell the possessions and a Realtor to sell the house.  Lynn went above and beyond in helping me distribute my Aunt’s possessions in a loving and professional manner.  Thank you Lynn!" 

Sheila Harris, PhD, Arizona - Community and Economic Development

"I contacted Lynn Reding when I became the POA for a friend who went to a nursing home.  He was a hoarder and I did not have the time or skills to deal with his estate.  She took over and I was able to take a job in Texas.  She brought a team in and handled this overwhelming task like a pro.  Her team sorted the junk from what could be sold, took it to auction and made more money than anyone could imagine.  Then she found a buyer and got the home sold and closed and I never had to come back to NWA.  She handled every detail and aspect with the highest professionalism.  I highly recommend her services." 

Scott Blair – Operations Manager, Jones Trucking

"I highly recommend Organizing with Lynn.  Her team helped me with my move to a new residence last year.  It necessitated downsizing in a very short time and they were invaluable in helping me make critical decisions in a hurry.  Lynn and her team were very respectful about my opinions and handled everything with utmost care.  They are a very caring company.  I truly appreciate them."

Helen Heathman - Retiree


"12 years ago, Lynn worked with me to get all the spaces in my home organized which gave me the freedom to take on a major project...to home school my 5th grade son. Without her help, I could never have devoted my time and energy to my son’s education. Her services have become an annual event in our home and are invaluable to me. I think Lynn is the ideal organizer. Her disposition is affirming and never judgmental. She is a perfect example of servant-hood. Lynn’s services provide an emotional release from spaces that hold us bondage – I am not kidding. Now my two married daughters ask for Lynn’s services for their own homes. I could not more highly recommend Organizing with Lynn!"

Sandra Drury, Wheaton - Wife, Mother of 4, Grandmother, Serves on 3 Boards, Missions Volunteer, and Masters in Biblical Studies

"Two months after spending three hours with Lynn and I am still seeing lasting changes in my home and at work!! I recently had 25 people for lunch and I didn't stress with the preparations. Now THAT is change that's real for me! Thank you Lynn for practical, doable, and FUN tips! It has made far-reaching differences for me."

Anna Williams - Pastor's Wife, Mother of 4, Ministry Assistant & Church Office Manager


“Lynn’s skill and sensitivity was invaluable as I moved from my large home of 40 years to a retirement home.”

Elinor Bridges - Retired school teacher

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