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The absolute best way to ensure your spaces are clutter free is to limit what you allow in and do not keep things longer than you need to.  Guard your spaces as if your sanity depends on it.  It does!  

How many paper clips do we need? Remember when we used to use them? Before we did everything on the computer. So why do we still have so many? I've been in homes and offices that bought in bulk 10 years ago and they still haven't used 10%. Keep just enough and donate the rest, especially if they contribute to the clutter in your spaces.

More trash cans please! I find that a simple solution to less clutter is to put out more trash cans. I keep one just inside every entry door. Of course 1 in each car, 1 on the covered patio, 1 or 2 in the garage, and 1-3 strategically 

placed in the family room and master bedroom.  And don't forget one in the walk-in closets, sheds, and storage areas. Anywhere it's easy for trash to accumulate. I get small ones at the Dollar Tree. You cannot have too many!

An inexpensive yet simple way to make sure your taller boots stand upright and keep their shape. Get a package of flexible chopping mats from the Dollar Tree and roll them up and place in boot.

Keep extras on hand for when you need a large funnel.  Just roll it up then wash and lay under something that will flatten it for the next use.

Try using clear bead bags for labeling and putting a date on small items so they do not become a mystery, get lost in the junk drawer, and you don't keep things longer than you need to. You can find them in several sizes in the bead dept at Walmart. I use the smaller ones to separate earrings and larger ones for necklaces when traveling.  

If you want to instantly transform your closet and create more space, saving you precious time, change to velvet hangers. Bonus - your clothes do not fall off - even the larger sizes and you don't even have to button or unbutton.

The downside is you cannot yank your clothes off the hanger. But that's a good thing! Right?  You can find them for less at stores like TJMaxxTuesdayMorning, and AtHome.

AND -  it’s the perfect time to bless someone else with the clothes and accessories you are ready to let go of.  I think they call that a WIN-WIN!!

Some of my favorite organizing tools are the 3M Command Strips.  I use them to create extra places to hang things on the inside doors and walls of cabinets and closets.  I do all I can to keep things from hiding.  When I open a closet or cabinet, I want to see everything that's there.  And there should always be "room for more."

Keep food fresher longer when you remove the air.  You can keep putting it into smaller containers or place Saran Wrap against the food.  Also helps to keep food from getting freezer burn.   

Large empty wrapping paper rolls are perfect for keeping your long stems from getting tangled or crushed when packing or storing.

And hang on to old wrapping paper.  It can replace packing paper.  Great for packing away fragile Christmas decor 

and more.

Hang a curtain rod with 3M Command Strips inside closets and cabinet doors for hanging those items that tend to get lost or become cluttered.    

I HATE ironing.  In fact, I hate it so much, I became an organizer to avoid dreaded housework like ironing.  I remove clothes as soon as the dryer stops.  I recently had a delicate blouse that would not iron well.  I was ready to donate it but first tried this new product.  It ironed beautifully!  I was thrilled.  It saved the blouse and my sanity!   Try Downy WrinkleGuard liquid and dryer sheets for yourself! 

I found these handy spice clips that attach to cabinet doors so that spices can be easier to find. Follow simple instructions carefully for attaching.  Also works with prescription medicine bottles.    

Use over-the-door closet rods wherever extra hanging space is needed.  At Bed, Bath & Beyond

Losing a sock can be so frustrating!  When that happens, keep the single ones in a plastic bag in case the mates are found.  If they are never found, use those single socks to protect your breakable glasses, mugs, and vases going to donation!  

My new favorite cleaning product since the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020.  EnviroScrubs from Norwex.  Needs no chemicals to clean.  Just water.  I keep them handy in my kitchen for frequently wiping everything down.  The Norwex BacLock® Microfiber has the ability to remove up to 99% of bacteria from a surface when following the proper care and use instructions.  You can have a healthy home without chemicals thanks to Norwex!

Visit this site often as I will continue to add more tips.  Feel free to share yours with me or tell me what challenges you and I'll try to find a simple solution.


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