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Be Wise! Downsize! Minimize! Organize! Digitize!


TheOWLTeam will work with you to downsize, declutter, and organize your spaces for maximum efficiency.
We do the hard work so you are free to make wise decisions. 

We have experience and resources that help those with ADD/ADHD
to get and stay organized.  

• Downsizing, Decluttering, & Organizing

• Home & Office Editing • Paper Clutter

• Getting Ready For Estate Sales & Auctions

• Managing Your Senior Move

• Help With Packing & Unpacking

• Quick Start Home Set Up After Your Move

• Garages, Walk-in attics, Sheds,

& Storage Units

• Small Business Organizing

• Discard & Donate Services

• Move In/Move Out Cleaning


• Home Staging For Photos & Selling

• Interior Design • AutoCad & SketchUp  

• Decorating For Holidays, Parties, & Events

• Hanging Frames & Artwork

• Photo & Document Organizing & Digitizing

• Motivational Coaching For Continued Success

• Transitional Coaching

• Professional help for hoarding situations

• Handyman services

• Installing garage organizing systems

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Do you long for simplicity?

Do you feel overwhelmed because you have accumulated too much stuff and have kept it far too long?  You are NOT alone!  Because we live in an over-consumer culture, it is so easy to accumulate way too much.  We are inundated with offers and information, electronically, through the mail, and in person, every single day, so it's no wonder the piles get so high.


Organizing With Lynn and her Wise team offers manageable options to minimize the stress that accumulation can add to our lives. As one of the TOP rated organizing companies in Northwest Arkansas, the O-W-L team stands above the rest because our rates are affordable and respectable.  We are background checked and approved on the corporate level.  


We work with you, encouraging, guiding, & facilitating your success.


We set up an organizing area freeing you to make  wise decisions.


We keep the process moving by making it simple, manageable, & even fun.


We are respectful, kind, patient, encouraging, and non-judgmental.

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When we needed to downsize our home, we found Lynn. Her calm demeanor, patience, organizational skills, and experience were so helpful to us. We had family treasures from 55 years of marriage, two careers, and travels so her help was a very big positive. You can depend on her and trust her.

Dr. Morriss Henry & Ann Henry

I recently was faced with the closing of my Aunt’s home due to her passing. The work was quite overwhelming because my Aunt had many possessions & I lived out of state. Lynn Reding & her team came to my rescue. She helped me organize items to be donated & sold. She helped me find an auctioneer to sell the possessions & a Realtor to sell the house.  Lynn went above & beyond in helping me distribute my Aunt’s possessions in a loving, professional manner. 

Sheila Harris

I highly recommend Organizing with Lynn. Her team helped me with my move to a new residence last year. It necessitated downsizing in a very short time & they were invaluable in helping me make critical decisions in a hurry.  Lynn and her team were very respectful about my opinions and handled everything with utmost care. They are a very caring company. I truly appreciate them.

Helen Heathman

I contacted Lynn Reding when I became the POA for a friend who went to a nursing home. He was a hoarder & I did not have the time or skills to deal with his estate. She took over & I was able to take a job in Texas. She brought a team in & handled this overwhelming task like a pro.  Her team sorted the junk from what could be sold, took it to auction & made more money than anyone could imagine. Then she found a buyer, got the home sold & closed. I never had to come back to NWA.  She handled every detail & aspect with the highest professionalism. I highly recommend her services.

Scott Blair

Church closets have a way of collecting clutter over the years. Churches are notorious for never throwing anything out and always saying 'yes' to any donations. After all, you might need it one day, right? Lynn helped us understand what we needed most. Did we really need all those boxes of half-burned votive candles? Of course not! Lynn helped us organize our storage areas to make preparations for holy seasons and special events super easy. I would recommend her to any church that wants to free itself from decades of useless clutter and move toward a new day of organization and efficiency. And just think...if Lynn could do this for a dusty old church closet, imagine what she could do for your home!

Rev. Todd Lovell

We had less than 3 months to downsize from a 2700 square foot house we'd been in for over 30 years to a 1020 square foot apartment in a retirement community. Lynn's calm demeanor saved our sanity. At the same time, her encouragement & planning opened the door for us to make hard decisions about the items that were hardest to part with. She did what we needed. Sometimes we didn't know what we needed & she took us through steps to get us where we needed to be. She came to our apartment to help with organizational decisions. Her help made difficult tasks doable! We're forever grateful!

Susan Riggs & Charles Riggs

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