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The need for our services has grown exponentially as individuals, businesses, and organizations feel the urgency to let go of things they are no longer using.  My team is growing to meet the needs.  Tracie Floyd has 25 years of experience in interior design.  Her organizing skills are 5 star, and her staging and decorating are exceptional. Other members of the team include men who are respectful, hardworking, and highly disciplined.  The ladies on the OWL team love organizing and helping clients live with less clutter! But we absolutely LOVE helping people simplify their lives by organizing their spaces for maximum efficiency. Whether you have a small job, an entire home to relocate, or a business to organize, my team can handle it all.  

About Lynn

As a Pastor’s wife, mother of 2, and Realtor, my life was getting too busy.  I needed a manageable lifestyle that left time and energy to enjoy my home, family, and my life, so I began a journey of simplicity.  That meant I had to reduce the unnecessary in my spaces and schedule to maintain an organized life.  The benefits to my family were huge.  This concept became an asset to me as I worked with home sellers who needed help downsizing.  I began getting invitations to teach these principles to various groups and organizations, which led to my first book, “2 Minutes or Less.”  Our privileged culture could benefit from these concepts of reducing the over-accumulation of possessions.  For the past 14 years, I have grown this company into a top-rated service in NWA.  My team loves helping people because, for many, it is therapeutic to their mental health.  Our work with those moving into retirement, independent & assisted living communities is gratifying as it is often an essential service for them and their families.  We love transforming people's lives by helping them “Live MORE with Less,” which is the topic of my next book. 

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