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STOP taking care of STUFF!

And start taking care of what's really important....the people in your life....and that should begin with - YOU.

Cluttered garage

The reality is that many of us have accumulated a lot of stuff over the years. It can cost more time, money, and energy than we would like to spend, managing all that "stuff." But letting go can be hard for some of us. If we need to move or make a life transition, owning too much can make it very stressful. It can be especially difficult on the aging if health, mobility, or memory issues develop. Family may not always be available to help.

So, when should we begin downsizing? We should ALWAYS be downsizing.

Here are some tips to help:

1. When we are done with something, instead of storing it away, let it go. Let someone else benefit from it. I realize we don’t always know when we are completely done with everything, but if we are continually adding possessions, "stuff" gets pushed further out of sight and out of mind. Then if we ever do need it, we may not be able to find it.

2. If you aren’t ready to let an item go, at least give yourself a deadline for how long you will keep it. Simply put an expiration date on it.

3. Find a creative solution to preserving memories. Rather than hanging on to every piece of paper, card, letter, etc., etc., take a picture or scan it and name it so it’s searchable. Or get a binder with sheet protectors or a scrapbook and create your own Memory Album. You could take a picture of larger, bulky items and write dates and descriptions to go into your album.

And remember, Lynn can help make “letting go” a whole lot easier!

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