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FREE doesn’t mean it won’t cost you….Sometimes more than you want to pay!

Be honest.....most of us love FREE stuff! We love to win! We go to events, grand openings, trade shows, etc., and walk around filling our bag with tempting giveaways and sign up for door prizes every chance we get. Months later we may come across the bag filled with freebies that we never touched after arriving at home or work. Or, when we get home, we take out the items with think we might use and the materials we hope to have time to read and put them in a pile, drawer, or basket, only to come across months later, never having been touched. And of course, we have since added many more items, some important and some useless, to the pile, basket, or drawer. And now, we can’t find the things we really do need. We waste precious time hunting through the clutter and may even end up re-buying some of those things we do need.

So before bringing something home you probably won’t ever use, count the cost. How much of your valuable time and space will that item actually cost you?

Contact me if you or someone you know in NWA needs help with your organizing projects. And I do love referrals!! Don’t forget to like my FB page…Organizing With Lynn.

Thank you and have an organized day.

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