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What is clutter costing you?

Bedroom picture with clean bed and night table

The physical, mental, and emotional effects of having too much “stuff” around can cost a significant amount to us and our loved ones. It doesn’t even have to be “cluttered” to cause stress.

Spaces can appear organized but be so packed, you cannot find a thing. The more you have, the more you have to care for. If you have a dog, it requires a certain amount of care. If you have 2 dogs and 3 cats, you pretty much have a kennel.

In our society, giving into OCD (Over Consumer Disorder) is highly encouraged, even expected. Not only does buying too much stuff cost money, but so does dealing with the clutter that is caused when we have so much that there’s no way we could ever have enough time to use it all.

Let’s take a look at some of the ways I’ve seen how clutter costs families; their relationships, finances; mental health; jobs.

Is clutter keeping you from doing any of these?

Selling and moving-Are you overwhelmed with the idea of packing and sorting through all that you own?

Getting your elderly parents into retirement or assisted living-A lifetime of memories can also mean a lot of accumulated stuff that won’t fit in a downsized home or assisted living facility.

Getting a peaceful night’s rest-Many studies prove that a messy bedroom (or even stress from dealing with a cluttered house) can drastically hinder your sleep because of the anxiety it creates. Impaired sleep leads to exhaustion, which further hinders your ability to make the decision to reduce clutter.

Enjoying intimacy-Do you and your significant other argue about bad personal habits like leaving stuff laying around? Clutter can be a barrier to intimacy.

Enjoying your home-Does being in your home and seeing the clutter stress you out? Or, perhaps you have a hobby room or a spare bedroom you could be using but can’t because it’s become the “put stuff I don’t know what to do with” room.

Enjoying time with family and friends-Would you love to invite friends or family over but are too embarrassed by your house? Is the mess keeping family away because they are uncomfortable? Do their offers of “help” add to the embarrassment?

Arriving on time-Are you the type that can never find their keys? Or are you always looking for that one shoe under the pile of laundry? Decluttering will help prevent that. Clutter can also prevent you from doing other tasks on time like paying bills. Do your bills get put in a pile of mail to be “opened later?”

Do you recognize yourself or someone you love in any of these?

As you read through this list, did any of these items trigger something in your brain like “Oh, that sounds like me!” You don’t have to miss out on the blessings of life. Even decluttering one space in your home could make you happier, healthier, and more productive.

Don’t stay overwhelmed! Call me today, and we can simplify your home and your life in much less time than you think!

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