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The Cause of Clutter!

In my 13 years experience as a professional organizer, I have found these traumatic life changing events can often cause a person's spaces to become excessively cluttered: 1. Serious or chronic illness, injury, or disability 2. Taking care of a loved one with a serious or chronic illness or injury 3. Downsizing a loved one, especially when it causes you to upsize 4. Traumatic life events like divorce, job loss, or damage to or remodeling of your home, 5. Combining households 6. Loss of a loved one; often leading to someone taking on the accumulation of that loved one 7. Major life transitions like a move 8. Aging; often energy and mobility decreases making the aging person more easily overwhelmed. This is magnified if memory issues develop 9. Job change that causes a major schedule change 10. Any upheaval or change in family dynamics

A number of my clients have experienced 2 or more of these life changing events which often leads to depression and creates conflict in a household. This could make it close to impossible to maintain order and organization even for those who have always loved order and neatness. This is not the time to go it alone. Let Organizing With Lynn provide the TLC you need to get your spaces, your sanity, and your life back in order. It's cheaper and it takes less time than therapy!

There is no perfect organizing without first PURGING!

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